Who’s Lou?

Lou’s the journalist you want on your team when you’re not sure what challenges lie ahead.

Louis C. Hochman

He’s a reporter, editor, designer and manager. He’s a digital innovator.

He’s led teams of local (and hyperlocal) journalists to exceed their audiences’ expectations, and their own. He’ll create a logo for your new Web initiative, figure out why pages aren’t making it through your RIP, get a great quote from your reluctant source and tweak your headlines for better SEO. He’ll walk your cub reporter through approaching the parents of a deceased teen. He’ll explain what your analytics reports tell you about how to approach your news coverage. Then he’ll explain what they don’t.

He knows how to connect with audiences, and he’s got the technical skills to master (or, if necessary, invent) the tools needed for the job. But you probably shouldn’t take his word for it.

Lou’s Colleagues, on Lou:

“When Gannett Corp. revealed plans to lay off half the staff at his old newspaper (and scores more at its other N.J. papers), it wasn’t a Gannett reporter who landed the one and only interview with the company’s top regional exec. It was Lou, working for a competitor, Patch. His piece was smart, thoughtful and full of facts and explanations, and it came out quickly. It appeared only on Patch, and in the Associated Press, which picked it up. That was pure Lou initiative, improving something he already had. Gannett editors swore about being beaten on their own story.”

Jack Bowie, former managing editor, Daily Record

“In a newsroom full of experienced career editors, it was ‘Young Lou’ who people went to for solutions time and again, and he came up with all the answers. His combination of solid ‘old-school’ journalism fundamentals and a keen understanding of new media and technology kept things humming for an award-winning newspaper that was hemorrhaging staff due to budget cuts. And he managed to accomplish these goals with calm, humor and diplomacy.”

Bill Westhoven, former business editor, Daily Record

“Lou is an amalgam of everything you’d want in a journalist. He has the long, reasoned, ethical view of a publisher, with an eye always on the business. A manager’s desire — and ability — to work with and lead colleagues as part of a team. A top editor’s drive to improve what he already has. A hard-working writer’s need to tell the truest, most important story there is. And a designer/copy editor’s ability to make it attractive, understandable and letter-perfect. When Lou ran our newsroom, one never feared.”

— Jack Bowie

“Sometimes it seems like Lou is involved with just about everything on the editorial side of the Daily Record. Need a story edited? Ask Lou. Want a web update posted? E-mail it to Lou. Trying to promote something? Lou again. I think Lou even fixed the copier a couple of times. He’s a rare print journalist who not only understands the technical side of things, but can explain it clearly — even to non-techies. He fought with our content-management system (and occasionally won), and made the newspaper’s Facebook fan page actually work for the reporters.  He’ll be sorely missed at the Daily Record.”

Jane Havsy, former sports reporter, Daily Record